Midwives of NJ or an OB/GYN?


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You make so many decisions during your pregnancy. Perhaps, one of the most important is who you will choose for your prenatal care. Midwives of NJ is an excellent choice and one that more and more women are choosing. If you want your prenatal and birth experiences to feel very catered to you and your birth plan, Midwives of NJ may be your best option.

Why a Midwife?

Midwives of NJ believes that women can be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies and that natural childbirth is a viable option in most cases for mothers. They also believe that the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is a vital part of a your transition into motherhood and that you and your baby should be treated with respect at all times. The midwives and support staff see themselves as your advocate during your pregnancy.

They believe that women should be empowered throughout the birth experience. When they are, they emerge changed as women and mothers forever. This client-empowering mentality is what sets apart local midwives.

Why Midwives of NJ?

This group guarantees that you will not just be a cog in the wheel that keeps their business going. They will get to know you and know what you want out of your pregnancy and birth experience. There are also a number of options for your birth experience. You can choose a waterbirth– both at Morristown Medical Center hospital AND at the birthing center that they work out of. Over 40% of their clients choose waterbirths! Midwives of New Jersey also offers hospital births and home births, as well as VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

They have a number of incredible programs for moms-to-be AND postpartum moms. The prenatal classes include childbirth classes, labor-rehearsal class, pregnancy wellness counseling, breastfeeding class, Homebirth class and BabyCare class. Postpartum options include a MotherCare class, where new moms meet to encourage and support each other; a Lactation Circle, where moms can get breastfeeding support; lactation counseling;  and playgroups.

“This practice is set up specifically and entirely to focus on the client,” says Lisa Lederer, CNM & President of Midwives of NJ. ” One of the great differences in being cared for by the Midwives of NJ is that our program is designed to provide time, education, support and choice–  empowering our clients to make informed decisions and be a partner in their care.” This office is a one-stop-shop for expecting moms.

Is There a Midwives of New Jersey Near Me?

There are three locations: Budd Lake, Madison, and Guttenberg, NJ. Hopefully one of those locations is near you! Learn more about the Midwives of NJ and what sets them apart in their free online video orientation.

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