Two Birth Centers in NJ: An Option Outside of the Hospital


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Most women choose to have their babies in the hospital closest to them, but did you know that there are also a few local Birth Centers in NJ? This is another option out there for moms who want a more intimate and comfortable birth experience and who have low risk pregnancies. Do you not want to deliver in a hospital but the idea of a homebirth sounds too risky? You may want to look into choosing a birth center. Both of the options below are located in very close proximity to a hospital so that a seamless transfer can take place should a complication arise, such as lack of progression. I did some research on these two excellent birthing centers local to Northern and Central NJ. Both are based on the midwifery model of care and focus on giving birth naturally.

Our Birthing Center in Morristown

Our Birthing Center in Morristown is a site located within 5 minutes from Morristown Medical Center and is built more like a spa than a hospital. The Center aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and drug & intervention free labor and delivery. You can eat/drink as you see fit, walk around, and labor as you wish (in the shower, tub, on a birthing ball or in bed). Any support person that you wish can be present during the birth, including grandparents or children. Discharge normally occurs about 4-6 hours after giving birth. A postpartum nurse visits you at home 24-48 hours after your birth.  She sees how you and the baby are doing post-birth, performs newborn screenings, and helps with breastfeeding.

The Birth Center of New Jersey in Union

The Birth Center of New Jersey is located a bit farther east in Union, NJ. This site is 10 minutes from Overlook Medical Center in Summit. This center strives to give you the same feel as a homebirth– the comfort, the intimacy. Its client-centered approach helps women feel empowered to make decisions and have the best birth experience possible. You birth at your own pace and are not rushed or slowed down as labor progresses. You are well educated during your pregnancy about the birthing experience and postpartum so that you are more confident and ready to face the experiences head-on.

Birth Centers in NJ

Since you are looking at Birth Centers in NJ, I would love to chat about your maternity and newborn session needs! Reach out and say hello so that we can start discussing how to make your photography dreams a reality.

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