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It can be overwhelming knowing the best time to schedule your NJ baby photography session since you don’t know when you will have the baby. This is why I want to share the best time in your pregnancy to schedule this important photoshoot!


As a New Jersey Baby Photographer, this is a question that I am asked all the time! Moms-to-be have so many items on their To Do lists that they are trying to get done before baby arrives. If you have had a baby before, you know, the list is endless. It only becomes more stressful the closer you get to your due date. You *definitely* want to make sure you prioritize scheduling your newborn photos. There is only a small window of time after the baby is born when these can be taken.

So here is the short answer. The best time to book your NJ baby photos is when you are in your second trimester.

Hopefully you are feeling better than you were feeling in your first trimester, you are filled with excitement as you are feeling the baby move around in there, and you are starting to feel pretty on top of this whole mom thing. You don’t want to wait until after you have the baby to schedule the session. Your NJ photographer may be booked already. Plus newborn photography sessions are most successful in the first few weeks after the baby is born.

How Do You Schedule The Session If You Don’t Know When Baby Will Arrive?

NJ Baby Photographers all have their own way of scheduling newborn sessions. I schedule my newborn sessions for 1-2 weeks after your due date. This way, you have a definite place in my calendar. Once you are booked, I will guarantee that if you have the baby early or late, you will be rescheduled so that I can still deliver you a beautiful newborn gallery. Before you choose a photographer, make sure you know that she will have a place for you in her schedule no matter when you have the baby.

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Does the Timing Change if You Also Want to Book a Maternity Session?

If you want to add on a maternity session, you should probably try to book your sessions towards the beginning of your second trimester. You want to make sure your favorite photographer has room in her calendar for two sessions. I(f that photographer is me, I have special Maternity & Newborn Session Bundle pricing.) You do not want to schedule your maternity session too close to your due date in case you have the baby early. I schedule my maternity sessions for when the mom is between 28-34 weeks along in her pregnancy.

So, Let’s Book It!

Booking your NJ Baby photography session does not need to be an added stress during your pregnancy. The process can (and should be) quick and easy, while still leaving you feeling like absolutely everything is taken care of. Since you are wondering about when to book your New Jersey baby photographer, I would love to chat more about your maternity and newborn session needs. Click this link to view my work and start the conversation!

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