Maternity Photoshoot in NJ + In Home Newborn Session


Expecting mom and dad hold onto the belly while sitting on a couch I Maternity Photoshoot NJ

There is nothing like the transition from your family before a new baby to your family with a new baby. Sometimes there are older siblings and you want to capture your family as it has been… the special relationships you have with your older babies. Other times, a couple wants to document their last days where life is just the two of them. I always vote “yes” for adding a maternity photoshoot to your newborn session! This husband and wife duo did just that. I was able to get to know them as a couple before they had their baby. Then, the moment they went from 2 to 3, I was there, witnessing firsthand how smitten they were their new family and how much they loved watching each other take on this new role of “mom” and “dad.”

Maternity Photoshoot NJ

We started the party back in January. Sometimes you have to get a little creative with winter maternity sessions! We ended up at The Paris House in Long Valley so that we could stay out of the cold. I absolutely love this location in all seasons. (It is where I host my motherhood sessions in the spring, too). The inside of the home is tastefully decorated in a Parisian/European style. Jessica and Jaysen loved the vibe…and it loved them! These two have known each other since high school and as Jessica notes, they are “best friends and partners and basically the same human at this point.” We moved around the house, creating different looks and having lots of laughs along the way. After getting to know these two, I was so excited for their newborn session a few short months later! I knew they would be great parents.

Beautiful expecting mom holds her belly and looks out the window of the Paris House

Expecting mom sits by piano and is surrounded by plants and flowers I Maternity Photoshoot NJ

Then There Were 3: The Newborn Session

A few months after our amazing time together at their maternity photoshoot, I met their new little girl at their home in Hillsborough, NJ. She was absolutely beautiful. Despite the fact that she was cluster feeding (which can cause a lot of stress in those early days!) mom and dad seemed cool as cucumbers. We spend some time in the nursery, which I always try to do since it is a space that has been so lovingly prepared. Some of my favorite in-home newborn shots to get are ones where mom, dad and baby are having a moment in the nursery, while I stand outside of the room and take a photo “peeking in.” Those early moments with your new baby are so beautiful, raw and pure. You are operating on such little sleep and trying to get the hang of this new person who is not interested in your routines or your schedules! Yet there is such an over abundance of love. My job is to capture all of those feelings for you.

Baby A is a lucky duck and I can’t wait to see her grow. Knowing her parents, it will be an incredible experience for her!

Maternity Photoshoot NJ

Are you expecting a new little love? I would be honored to capture your journey for you! Click here to see my work and here to say hello!

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