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Pregnancy is such a joyous time in so many ways– but there can also be a lot of aches and pains. Guess what? You don’t have to just live with them. Riverwalk Chiropractic in Basking Ridge, NJ will help ease those prenatal and postnatal pains. Your body will be much better aligned and feel great! Not only that, but if your baby or child is showing signs of experiencing pain– whether it be digestive issues, sleep issues, torticollis, or anything else, Riverwalk Chiropractic may be the solution for you.

About Riverwalk Chiropractic NJ

Riverwalk Chiropractic in NJ has the primary goal of providing you with relief. Most of the time, you don’t think to go to the chiropractor until after you are already experiencing a problem. Chiropractic adjustments are safe– even if you are pregnant or nursing– and can make all the difference in the quality of your life.

Chiropractors treat your body as a whole– and work on healing it as a whole, instead of only treating a problem area. Riverwalk Chiropractic not only offers chiropractic services, but physical therapy, stretch therapy, massage therapy, and nutritional aid. The chiropractors use all of these tools to figure out an individualized healing plan for you.

As Dr. Roshni Patel explained to me when I visited the facility, when your spine is misaligned or when there is too much pressure in a certain area, the correct nerve signals aren’t able to be sent out to all of your organs, which in turn causes issues all throughout the body. This is why she feels so passionately about the holistic care she is able to provide to her patients.

A huge bonus is that a 10 minute massage is offered along with every chiropractic adjustment at Riverwalk. Massage works with your chiropractic care to help give you lasting recovery. Sign me up!

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Prenatal and Postnatal Adjustments

As your belly grows larger throughout your pregnancy, a lot of pressure is placed on your back as well your other joints. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments throughout your pregnancy can help relieve a lot of your aches and pains. Riverwalk chiropractors are trained to provide safe adjustments for you and your unborn baby. Do not worry! Research also shows that prenatal chiropractic care improves pelvic floor function and leads to a healthier birth and easier recovery after birth. Studies have shown that women receiving chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had a 24% reduction in labor times. Women in subsequent pregnancies had a 39% reduction in labor times. Again for the people in the back!

Speaking of recovery, your body is going through so many physical changes after giving birth. Plus, you are sleeping way less and are up and about at all hours of the night. It is an easy time for your spine to become misaligned, which is when postnatal chiropractic care can be INVALUABLE (speaking from experience here!)

Newborn and Child Adjustments

Many newborn issues, like colic, unusual crying, poor appetite, or erratic sleeping can be signs of spinal distress. Adjustments are extremely gentle, yet very effective. The Riverwalk Chiropractors know exactly how to do the proper adjustments to improve these issues drastically. Babies and children who receive chiropractic adjustments can sleep better, grow and develop properly.

Your child can also find relief from ear infections if he/she has chiropractic adjustments made to the neck. The adjustments can help to drain fluid properly. The gentle techniques that the chiropractors use are extremely safe and pressure is no more than you would use to check the ripeness of fruit.

Chiropractic Care and Your Immune System

Do you feel like you and your family are fighting off sickness the entire fall and winter? Did you know that you can get a chiropractic adjustment that will give you an immunity boost? When your nervous system is in its optimal condition, it will be able to work more efficiently with your immune system to help you heal when you are sick and better fight off bacteria and viruses. You will get sick less often and even when you do get sick, you will be able to fight it off quicker than before. This is part of the holistic healing that Riverwalk Chiropractic is all about.

Nutrition at Riverwalk Chiropractic NJ

Nutrition is another vital service offered at Riverwalk. They offer a service called Nutrition Response Testing which allows them to conduct muscle testing to see what your body actually needs, how much of a supplement your body needs, and when your body no longer needs it. Your body will be able to heal itself from the inside out. Talk to your doctor at Riverwalk to begin this journey.

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Riverwalk Chiropractic NJ

Riverwalk Chiropractic in Basking Ridge, NJ is a pain relief solution for the whole family. Whether you are pregnant, just gave birth, or want to find a solution to a problem your baby or child is experiencing, set up an appointment at Riverwalk to start the road to recovery!

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