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Whenever someone asks me how I am doing, “Things are crazy,” is usually my response. Being a mom, running a business, taking care of a household… it is all A LOT. If you are looking to take something huge off of your To-Do list and you live in Morris County, NJ, call Whirlwind Cleaning NJ and have them clean your home. You won’t regret it!

Client Experience is #1

At Whirling Cleaning Services in NJ, you are guaranteed to have an amazing clean in your home. The owner, Stephanie McElroy, reaches out to every home owner after their clean and asks if they are happy before even sending over the bill. You have the choice of time intervals between your house cleanings, and the company even offers Special Event cleaning after a party or company event. Are you a business owner with a brick and mortar space? They do commercial cleaning, too. After hearing from the founder of Whirlwind Cleaning NJ, you will wonder why you even waited so long to set up a professional house clean!

Meet Stephanie McElroy

What inspired you to start this business?

SM: I actually got into the cleaning industry in a very random way. I was only 22 years old at the time, living in Texas, and managing a bar.  While bartending a dayshift, one of our regular customers came in and told me that if I could get 10 friends together and start up a cleaning crew, that he would teach me the industry and give me a huge contract over the next three months. Within a couple days, I got together 10 friends. I very quickly legally structured the business and turned everything into him. Then, he told me exactly what I would need to do. Long story short, I profited $40,000 a month for those three months and was able to buy myself a house and a car.


From there, a lot of my friends in Bar business heard about what I did and started asking if I could please have their homes cleaned. Over the course of seven years, I grew my business to around 2500 clients in rotation, including big names like Victoria’s Secret. Fast forward to 2021, my family had only been in New Jersey about a year. I started to realize that we needed Whirlwind Cleaning in Morris County. I absolutely love creating jobs for people and providing the type of service that I would like myself. So that’s what I did. I never expected it to grow as fast as it did. We just hit the two-year mark here in New Jersey and we are servicing right under 700 clients every month. I am the best boss that I can be and take care of the clients as well as I can.

Why do you think someone should hire Whirlwind Cleaning instead of another smaller cleaning company?

SM: We have a very structured training process and we do things the right way the first time. If anything is not perfect, we make it right immediately. Our clients never even pay until they are 100% happy. We also have a very rigorous hiring process. My office manager Jen and I make sure that every person that we start training checks off all of the boxes. We need to feel comfortable enough where we would allow them in our own home with our valuables.  Hiring great people is something we are very strict about. Additionally, I carry a double insurance policy to ensure clients’ and team members’ safety, in case anything were to happen. Finally, there is a huge advantage to hiring my company versus a smaller company because if you feel that things could have been better in any way, you are able to express that to Jen or me, rather than directly to the team member who was in your home. Things run smoothly because we have these systems in place.

Where do you service and do you ever make exceptions to that?

SM: We only service Morris County and do not make exceptions. We try to stay extremely structured with everything. Plus, we always have a wait-list of people trying to get cleanings that are in the county, so no need to go outside of our service area.

What kind of cleaning supplies do you use and are they safe? (i.e. for children and pets)

SM: Yes, I would have to say I am a little on the snobby side with products. For the most part, we use Method, Mrs. Meyers, a lot of Dawn Platinum dish soap, the all natural Bonami scouring powder for ovens, showers, and toilet bowls that need it. For disinfecting, I absolutely love Pine-Sol, which when diluted goes into the green family.

What is your favorite part of your workday?

SM: My absolute favorite part of my workday (and I get excited to do it every day) is right around 5:45 PM. I open up the calendar and go down the list of every client that we have had that day. This is typically somewhere between 16 to 22 cleans. I send personalized text messages from the office line, that say something along the lines of, “Hi, Jennifer, how did your clean go today with Sophia and Jade?” I love watching all the text messages come in that say, “I absolutely love her.” “She did a great job like always.” “Yes, the house looks wonderful; I’m not home, but my husband said it looks amazing.” If you are not satisfied, we send someone over the next day to fix the problem, or take money off the bill. It is extremely rare that this even happens because our team does such an incredible job the first time.

What are some things you would want a potential client to know about you and your business?

SM: As the business owner, I take pride in being a person of high integrity, with a mix of flexibility and professionalism. We put love behind everything that we do. The entire staff has these values and I feel so blessed to own Whirlwind Cleaning NJ.

Whirlwind Cleaning NJ for the Best House Clean

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