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Since entering the era of Amazon, parents might wonder why they even need independent toy shops like Jabberwocky in Chatham, NJ. It is so easy to just order items online and have them in your hands within days– sometimes hours. However, that model really only works best when you already have in mind the exact item or gift you need to purchase. What if you need help? What if you don’t know what your 8 year old daughter might want for her birthday? What if you want to see and feel the items to make sure they are of the best quality? THIS is where brick and mortar toy stores truly shine. So get off your couch, put on some pants, and head to a real toy store!

About Jabberwocky Chatham, NJ

This toy store is located in the heart of picturesque downtown Chatham, NJ, among an array of boutiques and restaurants. It is an absolute treasure trove for the young and young at heart. Owned by two passionate toy enthusiasts, you will have knowledgeable staff ready to help you choose the perfect gifts. This is not your average toy store. It is a whimsical place that serves as a gateway for your children to a world of imaginative play! Not to mention, the store has been there for 30 years.

The store’s unique name comes from Lewis Carroll’s famous poem, “The Jabberwocky,” found in his novel Through the Looking Glass, which is the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. If you know Alice in Wonderland, you know that a place named after one of its elements will be filled with wonder and delight.

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What will you find here? Everything you never knew you needed! You can find board games to bring the family together, educational toys, children’s books, balloons, greeting cards, dress-up clothes, Legos, and baby items. There is a large selection of puzzles for those who love a challenge. And so much more!

The owners keep their products fresh by attending toy shows and toy fairs. They always seem to know what kids are into, which is why they are so helpful to their customers.

You can find something for everyone here, even your older children and teens. And the store even provides gift wrapping!

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Community Hub

Jabberwocky Inc. has been a part of the Chatham community for so long because of its commitment to quality and service. The owners recognize that Chatham is a family town and they fit into that dynamic perfectly, even participating in local community activities and hosting events and workshops. This is more than a place to buy toys; it is an invaluable part of a flourishing community.

Jabberwocky in Chatham, NJ

Jabberwocky Inc. is more than a toy store. It is the place where you begin your adventure. Only you can determine where your journey takes you. Imaginative play is a lost art that truly reflects the magic of childhood. Shop local and check out this incredible wonderland!

Since you are looking into family toy stores, I would love to talk with you about your family photography needs. One of my main goals (besides giving you gorgeous photos) is to also give you an incredible experience where your kids will have so much fun. Your imaginative play skills will be put to great use during my sessions. You can check out my work here and then reach out so that we can plan the perfect session!

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Mom Holds Her Laughing Daughter I Jabberwocky Chatham NJ

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