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Parents Tickle Their Kids

If you are looking for an “out of this world” experience for your kids, Starship Pediatric Dentistry in Madison, NJ is absolutely the place for you. This place takes the space theme and really commits. They know that kids can often be afraid of the doctor and dentist. Their goal is for your children to love their experience instead. Your kids will feel like they are on a spaceship in outer space!

About Starship Pediatric Dentistry

This dental practice focuses on infants, children and adolescents. Dr. Sky Berdahl & Dr. Jen Wilbur and their team focus on preventative care and growing a healthy smile for your kids. You will be greeted by a friendly crew and the dentists have a ton of tricks up their sleeves to help your kids stay calm and happy. They take their time with every patient and work with parents to teach them the best ways to help their children.

This office also tries to work with your crazy schedule. The staff are parents themselves, so they understand all about school and activities! There are Saturday hours at this office and a few days with hours into the early evenings.

Dad Tickles His Son I Starship Pediatric Dentistry Madison NJ

A Space Theme, Really?!

Yes, a space theme in the whole office. The dentists are “Captain” Sky and “Commander” Jen and they want you to have an immersive, interactive dental experience. There is a host of alien puppets, astronaut mannequins, robot displays, E.T. and Star Wars homages. IPads are in the office with different space games for children to play. Your child will WANT to come back to the dentist, even if they just had a tooth pulled!

When Should You First Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

Starship Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you begin bringing your child to the dentist when he/she is one or when his/her first tooth emerges. They talk to your children about hygiene and how to feel comfortable at the dentist. They also fix cavities and certain orthodontic procedures (but do refer out for anything beyond their typical scope of work). The dentists are also available in the case of an emergency with your child’s teeth (just waiting for this to happen with the way my kids play).

Starship Pediatric Dentistry NJ

Starship Pediatric Dentistry in Madison is one of the coolest dental practices in NJ. Your child will love coming here since it is a such a fun space (haha) and the dental team will take amazing care of your child’s smile at the same time. Now boarding… get on the Starship rocket!

Since you are looking into pediatric dental offices, I would love to talk with you about your family photography needs. Since your kids will all have healthy, beautiful smiles, let’s put them to great use! Just like the team at Starship, one of my main goals (besides giving you gorgeous photos) is to also give you an incredible experience where your kids will have so much fun. You can check out my work here and then reach out so that we can plan the perfect session!

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