How to Prepare for Your NJ In Home Newborn Photography Session

NJ newborn is held by her mom, showcasing her tiny toes

Having a newborn baby in the house is a beautiful, life-changing experience. You want to make sure you capture all of the details and memories with professional photos that will last forever. To make sure your newborn photo shoot goes smoothly, it’s important to be prepared so that both you and your baby are comfortable and happy. In this blog post, we’ll look at some tips on how to prepare for the perfect NJ In Home Newborn Photography Session.

Make Sure Baby Is Fed Beforehand

A well-fed baby is usually a happy and content one, so make sure they have eaten right before your photo shoot. This helps ensure that they will be sleepy and happy during the session. They will have some time to digest as I am setting up for the session in your home. I am always looking for the best light.

Keep Baby Awake for an Hour or Two Before The Shoot

Most newborn photographers prefer babies to be asleep for the session since it makes poses and setups much easier. Since newborns tend to sleep more during the day, it can be helpful to keep them awake for an hour or two before your photo shoot. This will ensure that they’re ready to sleep and will be calm and relaxed when it’s time to snap photos.

NJ In Home Newborn Photographer captures tiny details of baby

Have Baby Ready to Go in Just a Diaper and Wrapped Loosely in a Blanket

Having your baby in just a diaper and wrapped loosely in a blanket as I arrive is so helpful for your newborn session. This will ensure that the baby is ready to go when I am ready to go! You may have noticed, but babies hate to be undressed. I don’t want your sleepy, happy baby to become very angry because I am pulling clothes over their head.

Talk With Your Photographer Beforehand About Any Special Needs You Might Have

Before heading out for your newborn photo shoot, talk with your photographer about any special needs that you might have (e.g., feeding breaks; extra time needed between shots; etc.). Doing this ahead of time will help ensure everything runs smoothly when it comes time for the actual shoot, and it will prepare your photographer for the unexpected. The good news is, professionals have lots of experience working with newborns and are extremely patient, so you can rest assured that both you and baby are in good hands.

Baby in a Bucket I NJ In Home Newborn Photographer

Use Adobe Express To Make The Most Of Your Photos

Once your photos are finished, you can use a free platform like Adobe Express to prep them for sharing on social media, or you might create keepsakes such as photo cards with them. Adobe’s simple tools and templates make the process easy! Here are few examples of what you can make with these resources:

  • Share the news of your little one’s birth with the world by creating a custom baby announcement! This is so easy with Adobe’s tools, and you can choose from a variety of colors and fonts to personalize the final look.
  • Send out thank-you cards for your baby shower gifts using your newborn’s beautiful photo. Just choose a template you love and start customizing. You can have a professional-looking card in minutes!
  • Create a slideshow to share with friends and family or on your blog. You can even add music! Upload your favorite photos and utilize fun text.
  • Create a beautiful photo calendar that uses a different newborn photo for each month of the year. This is perfect if you’ve been having trouble deciding which ones to frame! These calendars also make a great gift.

Taking newborn photos is exciting, but it can be stressful if you’re not prepared. Following these best practices will ensure that you and your little one have a great experience, which will lead to better photos. And with Adobe Express, you can take your images to the next level in just minutes and share them with family and friends.

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written by Kristine Esposito Photography and guest blogger Adobe Express

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