y family ~ maternity sunset session in mountainside


I find that most of my sessions involve kids, which I LOVE, but it IS sort of nice having a session every once in awhile where the people do exactly what I say LOL. I am so excited for this couple. They have been wanting this baby for awhile now and as of this session, she is only a few weeks away from making her debut in the world. Selfishly, I also can’t wait for her newborn session because squishy little babies are my favorite!

Fun fact: This session was held in the same location where I had my wedding photos taken. It was really fun to be back here in a place where I have such happy memories (it is also a gorgeous park with a plethora of great spots for photos!)

Back to the happy couple. They were just so cute together, I could barely even handle it. The mom and dad-to-be were radiating their love for each other and for this baby. And they kept making each other laugh! I love when you can see how great a couple is together. My goal is always to show that, but these guys made it easy. The funny thing is, the mom said she had never even really considered maternity photos until I asked her if she would be interested in trying some. (Then of course, during the session, I wondered if I had been duped as she flawlessly pulled off any pose I asked her to do). Book the maternity photos, moms! They are so special to look back on, especially if you had to work extra hard for the little one you are about to meet. Stay tuned for round 2 with this family next month.




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