d family ~ newborn session in Caldwell


This baby was a little chubster…he was almost 2 months old! Normally, parents have newborn photos done within the first 2 weeks but admittedly this is actually not out of the ordinary for covid times. I told the mom I would try my very best to still get sleepy photos of her sweet baby boy and our persistence paid off! We were flexible during the session and did not follow a rigid “schedule” of photos since the baby needed some time to settle and the 4 year old big brother was not into taking photos at first. We bounced all around (literally and figuratively) until the baby was sleepy, the 4 year old was having a great time and we got a great variety of pictures.

I know that sometimes (ok probably most of the time) parents can be stressed out about having professional photos taken. You are shelling out hard-earned money so you want everything to go perfectly! Between all the prep work (choosing the outfits, making sure everyone is well fed, slept and out the door on time) and making sure everyone “behaves” and does what they are supposed to do during the session, it is exhausting. During my sessions, I try to make sure the parents know that they can relax! We will have fun and I will get awesome pictures of their family. By the end of the session, the boy who wanted nothing to do with me in the beginning was surprised and bummed when I packed up my camera to go. I had to take it back out to get a few more of him throwing some grass in the air!

One thing I loved about this session (besides how cute this family is and how beautiful the park was) is all of the different connections I turned out to have with these parents. We knew some of the same people (some of my favorite people, I might add) which is always a good sign. Now that I know them a little better, I feel confident saying that these two brothers are a) super lucky to have the parents that they do and b) going to get into a lot of mischief together in the next few years!




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