v family ~ sunset first birthday


When this mom reached out to me to ask if I would take pictures for her daughter’s first birthday, I was so excited. As we started to plan and style the session (many emails went back and forth about clothing!), I knew this was going to just light me up creatively. I love the boho vibe and getting to hang out with this happy little family was a huge bonus.

I asked the mom if she wanted to try for a sunset session, which we knew was a gamble since we would basically be STARTING at the baby’s bedtime. Well, that little girl proved that any worries were completely unfounded. She was absolutely perfect and full of smiles and laughs throughout the entire session. We wanted to have a cake smash, which can only really happen at the end because of the messiness factor, so we were losing daylight but still snuck it in. “Snuck it in” is actually pretty literal because we were standing on top of a dam while taking these photos and a boat came over to tell us we had 5 minutes left before the park closed. (We hadn’t even started the cake smash at this point). We told the park employee we would leave, but then still tried to quickly get some cake photos. Well, he came back and was NOT happy. It probably didn’t help that it was a 10 minute walk back to the car still…

We did get some really pretty skies by staying so late though, haha!




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