w family ~ communion/baptism celebration


As soon as I arrived to this session, I headed to the backyard with the young girl about to receive her first communion. She was so sweet and got more and more excited about her “model” photos as time went on. She loved twirling around in her dress and showing me her special rosary and bracelet. She is one of three girls and her youngest sister was also being baptized the same day. I deemed the middle sister my assistant because I knew she would need an important job for the day too. She made silly faces and danced around behind me so that we could get her sisters to smile and laugh.

At one point, I took a few photos of just the two oldest girls, who seem to be thick as thieves. I asked, “Are you two best friends?” And they said, “Nooo,” while laughing, “we are sisters!” I told them that you can be both! I think if your sister is your best friend, you are one of the luckiest people on the planet.

One of my favorite things about this session is that the mom actually took her own communion dress and baptism gown and brought them to a tailor, who reimagined and recreated the dresses for her daughters to wear. How amazing and beautiful is that?! The gowns were gorgeous and did not seem outdated at all. I loved them! I also started to recall the very puffy sleeves on my own communion dress… Oh early 90’s.

I loved getting to spend such a special day with this family.




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