m family ~ magical open meadows


This session was everything. The family was dressed perfectly for the location and the light was what dreams are made of (my dreams at least, haha!). The kids were so adorable and well behaved. The mom actually grew up around the block from my husband which was how she heard about me. She had reached out to me in February, right when I started the business, and caught me off guard asking about a birthday session for her son in November. We kept in touch over the months and I am so happy that despite the quarantine and despite the time I really needed between then and now to get much more organized with my business, we were able to make this session happen!

I was a little nervous at the beginning because just as we were supposed to met up, I realized a cross country meet was going on very close to where I wanted to take the photos. I had a backup plan in case we couldn’t use my spot but luckily, the meet was breaking up as we started. From that point forward, the session was perfection!

I knew I would be able to connect with the little girl as soon as I saw her and she was carrying a big Anna doll. She loves Frozen and luckily, I know a lot about Frozen. I have watched the movies countless times thanks to my own daughters. Anna would keep watch over the stroller while we were taking photos (as great as she is, she just wouldn’t go with the vibe). The kids were so sweet together too. I loved having the opportunity to capture this family! (and I am slightly obsessed with their photos)




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