s family ~ crawling through gardens


The baby was crawling aroundā€¦not the parents, to be clear šŸ˜›

The little guy at this session, clearly the apple of his parentsā€™ eyes, was so happy for most of his pictures. This location can be a bit of a photographer hotspot. This Friday evening, luck was on our side and we had the place mostly to ourselves. That meant the little man could crawl around the geometric pathways to his heartā€™s content. We started in the garden and then moved outside of it, during which time the baby decided he was very hungryā€”specifically for dried cranberries which were luckily on hand. At that point, we thought he was probably over the photos, but headed back into the garden to snap a few last minute pictures. He ended up crawling around againā€¦zooming up and down the aislesā€¦ and was so happy!

I feel like he sensed the joy that the garden brings so many people and was just ā€œfeedingā€ off of that. Hey, you never know!




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