d family ~ baby’s baptism


Yesterday may have been rainy, but it was such a happy day for this family! This little guy was baptized and he was surrounded with so much love. The attendees included the mom and dad’s immediate families, and I could tell by the way that everyone watched this cutie with utter adoration that they are all just crazy about him.

As I was preparing to photograph this baptism, memories from my own kids’ baptisms started to surface. Mainly, I recall a lot of crying and squirming, having to feed the baby in the middle of the ceremony, etc. Also, the joys that come with baptizing your baby when you have other children…that are yelling that they have to poop in the middle of the homily. I digress.

This baby was very happy…particularly about his shoes. I am not sure if he has ever worn shoes before, but as soon as he realized they were there, he was completely enthralled. This did make the group photos following his epiphany a bit tricky, but mom was always able to distract him! Despite the masks and smaller numbers, the day provided somewhat of a sense of normalcy, having family come together to celebrate a very special occasion and a very special boy.




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