v family ~ let’s get married

* Going to the [courthouse] and we’re…gonna get ma-aarried* When I arrived at the Scotch Plains Municipal building and met my client in person, I could tell she was antsy. She was ready to get married! The courthouse was running a little late (the ceremony was supposed to start at 1pm) and when we found out the time, it was really only a couple minutes. But I am sure it felt like an hour to this bride! This did give me a few more minutes to get to know the couple and their family. They met on match.com. Doesn’t it seem like that is how everyone meets “the one” these days? I love it!

We ended up being able to hold the ceremony outside since it was such a GORGEOUS day. I loved that some personal touches were brought in, like a story about the couple’s first date. I don’t remember all the details but it was something about a dueling piano bar and a Spice Girls song that the groom knew all the words to? Sounds like a great date to me!

The bride and groom couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. They were so sweet together! As I was going through and editing all of their photos, I noticed that they have a different smile when they look at each other. It contains so much raw joy and excitement. You can’t NOT smile when you see a picture of the two of them smiling at each other!

If their marriage is anything like their wedding day, they are going to have the absolute best time together.

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