g family ~ fall magic


Well, this was a magical night! How many times do I say that? Probably a lot. If you are tired of me saying “light” and “magic,” you should probably unfollow me haha. Side note: Check in on your photographer friends. It is caaaraaaazy busy season and we are existing on coffee and ibuprofen.

Back to my magical night. This family’s style was on. point. * claps * I mean, the boys were all wearing blazers. There were elbow patches… and suspenders. The little girl had a halo of greenery and a lacy dress that the golden sun shined (shone?) right through. We were in one of my favorite spots and the temperature was perfection. Yes, there were “hiccups” like the kids not being into it at different points. But isn’t that life?

As I was going through and editing this gallery, I did do some head swapping for a few photos if I really liked the background and not all of the kids were looking. But I also gave this mama some funny pictures (like where the one kid was screaming his head off and the rest of the family looks like tranquil perfection) and a lot of action shots where the parents are looking at the kids and playing with them. I do love when real life is reflected (although preferably still in a beautiful way if that makes sense). And I really love the challenge of finding that fine line 🙂




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