h family ~ fall foliage

Oh man was I happy to see this joyful face again! This little girl is turning ONE next week and I am here for it. I met mom and babe at my Mother’s Day mini sessions and walked away from that session thinking, “That was pretty easy for a 6 month old.” She was just so happy and smiley! And guess what? Not much has changed aside from the fact that she is bigger and now has gorgeous curls coming in.

I haven’t been to this location since last fall so it was exciting to get back there. It was an awesome spot for fall colors. As we were walking down the path, the leaves were blowing off the trees and it all honestly looked fake. Even as I was editing the pictures, I noticed that at times it looked like I used a backdrop! It’s all real, I promise haha.

Back to this cute family. Mom and dad call the baby, “Miss A” and are both so obviously smitten with her. She loves it. When they would all be sitting and posing for a photo, she would hug them, snuggle them, burrow into them— and then turn and smile again for the picture. So sweet! Since she was born on October 30— an almost-Halloween baby— we had to get a few photos with a semi-costume. I wasn’t sure the cuteness level could get any higher until I saw her in the cat ears headband. Ohhh my heart. And she was just smiling and clapping. I seriously can’t!

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