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I always love finding out how few degrees of separation there are between me and my clients whom I have never met and who were not referred to me by a mutual friend. This family was a lot of fun. After chatting with mom and dad and asking how they met (more about that later), I realized that we were at nearby colleges at the same time (Rider and TCNJ) and that the mom used to dance at Princeton Ballet with one of my college roommates. I really believe you can find this kind of connection with so many strangers if you just get to know them.

So these two met in college through mutual friends and it wasn’t until years later that this mom realized that her husband had gone into their first hangout thinking of it as a date. She thought they were just getting together as friends. Whoops! Obviously it all worked out in the end… Now they have an amazing corgi pup and a perfect little boy. As soon as I put down my props and bags, the dog was checking everything out, going into the bags and sniffing around haha. She had to make sure it was all a-ok for the babe! I love how the family dogs can be so protective of “their babies.” She was really good about quietly sitting in her crate while I was taking pictures of the human family members, but when it was her time to shine… she was THERE for it. I wonder if she would have been ok with getting all wrapped up like her baby brother?

Towards the end of the session, the baby was getting hungry and I noticed the parents using some really good tricks to try to calm him down. Then they started playing the soundtrack from The Happiest Baby on the Block. Between that and the protective family dog, I know this baby is in excellent hands. (And we got all the shots, by the way!)

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