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One of my closest friends made this session happen— she wanted her best friend since college to have a newborn session with me. How amazing and supportive is she (of both me AND this brand new mama)?! We are so lucky to have her 🙂

My friend had told me about this college friend and her fiancé before and I didn’t really put 2 and 2 together until I was looking closely at the questionnaire and planning out exactly what I would be bringing to the session. I looked at the baby’s last name and thought, “No way!” It turns out that I went to high school with this dad. And my husband (who I met in high school) was on the same tennis team as this dad. Such a small world. Needless to say, the whole beginning of the session involved a lot of chatting and catching up. The real showstopper was that beautiful baby girl, though.

She was so tiny and precious— 6 pounds at birth. I knew that this family had a dog and I assumed that he would be in a few of the photos. But one of my favorite quotes from the morning was when the mom says, “He will not be joining us today,” as if the dog would not be meeting us for lunch haha. She said that he was SO protective of the baby that he would be too crazy with me there since I was an outsider. I was sorry that I couldn’t get him into any of the photos but isn’t that sort of sweet? She already has the best big brother.

I absolutely loved meeting this mom (I totally understand why my friend loves her so much!), catching up with dad (isn’t it so crazy seeing people who you haven’t seen since high school… as parents?!), and getting to hang with this perfect little girl, who is already so incredibly lucky and loved! It was the best morning and my heart was full.

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