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A friend from college referred this family to me and I am so. glad. she. did. They were the sweetest and I just loved their energy. The little girl is excited to be a big sister and meet “her baby.” She was also on a mission during the session— her own mission that involved a lot of exploring. She is right at that age where pictures are sort of an inconvenience for her when she is so busy doing other things LOL. But she was unbelievably cute and we just kept wrangling her back into the mix. No escaping me, lady!

This mom shared with me what a stressful time it was when she had her older daughter. It was right at the height of covid in 2020 and she wasn’t sure if her husband would even be able to be at the birth of their first baby. Thankfully, he was able to, but they couldn’t have professional maternity or newborn photos taken. (They did take their own, so at least they still have photos from that special time) There were also other health issues going on in the family in that time, so it was not what she always imagined for her first birth. Once I heard that story, I felt even more honored that I get to be the one to give this family those professional photos that they never got with their first baby. And I am so happy they decided to include a maternity session so that I can also give them photos of this transitional moment where their daughter is still their only child.

She was so cute. Every time she didn’t feel like doing something I was asking her to do (like come over to us, sit on mom or dad’s lap, kiss the belly, etc.) she would say, “I can’t” in this sad voice. It was hard not to laugh! Note to all parents thinking that their kids aren’t cooperating during their session: They are kids! I am happy to switch up what we are doing so that we can keep THEM happy. This session is all about them after all, isn’t it?

After I delivered this mama her soft-proofed gallery, she asked if she could “make an odd upgrade request.” She asked if she could send me one of the photos from her diy maternity session with her oldest so that I could edit it and print it along with a similar pose from this session. I love that she is connecting the two sessions in that way and was happy to do that for her. I cannot WAIT for our newborn session together in a few short months!

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