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I will be honest, rainy weekends in October just don’t work for me. Especially when it is raining the entire weekend and I have multiple sessions to try and juggle around an already booked rest of the year. When I saw the forecast, I gave this family options— we could move the date, or do the session in their home, or wait and see how the weather was. They opted to chance it and have their session as planned. Was it light to medium/heavy misting? Yes. Did this family let it bother them AT ALL? No. Which is pretty amazing considering how most women are about their hair in the rain lol.

This family is #goals. My client hired me last year to photograph her wedding (check it out here). Her husband’s two daughters were a big part of the ceremony and everyone was one big, happy family. Now fast forward a year. They bought a house, added another puppy to the family and are all just as cute as ever! They just have so much fun together. When I asked if she had any shots that she really wanted, she said she wanted a shot of the girls attacking their dad because it would be really funny. And it was— funny but then also so sweet! Sometimes kids who are a little older (upper elementary and middle school) are too cool to act silly but these girls were all about it. And their photos are just pouring out love 🙂

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