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I always wanted twins. Growing up, I saw their cute, matching or complementary outfits. I heard all about the “twin connection” and how they often knew what the other one was thinking. Then, one of my close friends from college had twins and honestly admitted that she barely remembers their first year of life because of just how craaaazy it was. These twin parents make it look easy, but I now know that it is NOT easy. Especially when you are like this family— and you already have a toddler to entertain, before even bringing the twins into the mix!

When I arrived for the session, grandma (Mimi) was there— a very smart move. She has been helping since mom and dad got back from the hospital. As mom said, “We just don’t have enough hands!” And the boys wake up through the night (if it is at different times, no parents are getting sleep; if it is at the same time, one parent can not do everything alone— tough either way!) But somehow, this family’s style was on point, they looked great, and they were very relaxed during the session! Big sister was very curious about what was going on (you can see HER newborn session here) and was promised m&ms for being a good listener. Give her all the m&ms because she was one of the best behaved older siblings I have ever worked with AND I was asking her to hold two babies instead of one.

These little guys were so adorable and perfect for their session. There were a few times where one would be fussy, I would get him back to sleep and then the other one would wake… but nothing a little bit more milk or a binky couldn’t fix! They were so sweet, even holding onto each other at different points. I know twins were not part of my “path” but I am always so excited when I get to photograph them <3

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