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This session looked and FELT like fall. The leaves were turning and there was just so much gold all around us. And it was c-c-c-c-cold (you know when 60 degrees feels really cold because it is the start of cooler weather? I know we will be begging for 60 degrees in a few months!) We headed up “the hill” at this location (which is not for the faint of heart but has a great payout) and the sunset was gorgeous.

Despite the cold, I kept everyone moving (and running when necessary) so we kept the meltdowns at bay. This brother/sister duo are SO cute together— they love to tickle and hug one another. One of my favorite parts about this family is that their motto is “hands in” and they love doing family “huddles.” And like all huddles, the biggest challenge is at what point do you “break” LOL. So there were a few takes for that photo. Picture this: “Ok, 1,2,3 (some hands start going up) Go! (another hand goes up… everyone looks around, confused) Ok this time, hands are going up on Go…(we do it again, still doesn’t work) To be fair, my husband and I have a “family roll call” with our kids and I think they have actually done it correctly 1 time out of the hundreds of times we have attempted.

The bribe for these kids during the session was hot mac & cheese and hot chocolate when they went out to dinner afterwards. I did check in with mom to make sure they got their hot comfort items because they were so good! Loved hanging out with this sweet fam 🙂

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