the calm before the *twins*

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I was so looking forward to meeting these clients. They are about to become parents, and not just any parents— TWIN parents. So their first experience with parenthood is basically going to prepare them for anything. Luckily, the mom-to-be informed me that she was a nanny for a long time, so she feels very comfortable with babies!

When we were planning the session, she had asked me if we could do two “looks” throughout the evening… a more casual one and then a romantic boho type style. Of course, I was excited about this! (and chose a location with very few people so that she could get changed in the middle of this field. In case you were wondering how we do things around here LOL) These two were just so cute together— I loved being able to get two totally different kinds of photos for them.

The best part of the session (for me) was the end. There was a small lake at the location and I had asked if they wanted to go in a bit. So they held hands and waded in; I snapped some photos of this. Then asked if they could do a little splash at each other for some cute pictures. Dad-to-be did NOT understand the assignment haha. He did a HUGE splash and got her completely soaked. It was really funny but that was the end of the photo session lol. Mom-to-be was very good natured about it and honestly, a bit shocked probably. Based on how they both reacted though, I can tell they are going to be AMAZING parents. Can’t wait for the newborn session to confirm!

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