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As I sit here, bundled up in my sweatshirt and sweatpants, looking at photos from this session, I think, “Wow, how long ago was that?!” I can feel the warm sun, see their sun-kissed skin, and recall that the babies weren’t in the least bit cold. Now we aren’t even bringing the younger kids to soccer practice because it is getting so chilly.

This session started off with a bit of stress because this mama had something come up and was hoping she wouldn’t have to cancel. Luckily everything worked out and we had the absolute best night. The older daughter was very strong-willed, but my sessions are pretty flexible, so we let her do her thing. When we wanted her to do something specific, we just had to make her think it was her idea 😉 The younger daughter literally did not stop smiling. She was the happiest little babe and I’m sure she brightens many strangers’ days just by flashing that big smile and her baby blues. She also loves to eat rocks and we were on a gravel-y path, so that kept us busy.

We ended the session in the water and these girls were like little Moanas (what I call any child who is drawn to water these days). This was not just a little splash around. The older girl was pretty much swimming— and her diaper was the size of a watermelon when she got out. We might not have thought that one through haha. All in all, it was a perfect September evening and probably one of the last nights before fall DROPPED in (on the first day of fall, coincidentally). Note to all other fall clients: layer up!

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