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This mama was so excited for her newborn session for her second boy. She hadn’t done one with her first son and regretted it. And then, after being home for a short time, her baby ended up in the hospital with RSV. The session turned into a waiting game for him to be well enough to come home and to give him a few days to acclimate again. Talk about an extra-stressful way to go from having one to two kids.

Well he came home and we got his session scheduled. He was a perfect, sleepy angel. And his big brother was amazing. He had that troublemaker twinkle in his eyes. I know that twinkle well! He was such a good boy though and he loved his baby. Watching the two of them together melted my heart. You can never be sure how a big sibling will be at a newborn session (and I walk in ready for anything. I am super flexible with a lot of tricks up my sleeve. So do NOT worry about this!)

Sometimes I move around a house and shoot in a few different places, sometimes I mostly stick to one room or one window. In this case, I did all of the family photos by this one window. I have a hard time leaving the best light! Some of my favorite photos (as always) from this session were the ones where the family was all curled up on the cough, tickling and laughing. Little baby boy slept through it all!

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