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I have worked with this family every year since I started my business and they have got this whole photo session thing down pat. I take them to a new location each time so that we are mixing it up, exploring new places, going on new adventures, but they know what to expect with me now. So our sessions really fly by! I think half of the session time was me actually taking pictures and the other half was us just walking around, chatting, because I knew I had gotten everything (and then some) already.

I love watching the kids in “my families” grow up. In the span of the past three years, these two kids went from being little to seeming so much older. And when I asked the girl for a little sass in her solo shots, she went right into the hand on hip pose lol… I love it! It is amazing to see the growth— in so many different ways.

So we had a perfect late-afternoon session with beautiful light, location and love and that is really all there was to it!

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