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I am finally getting around to catching up on my blogs after getting through the holiday season. I am saluting all the other parents out there who tried their hardest to give their kids a huge dose of holiday magic. You rock.

I had the most magical (and funny— see post) maternity session with this mom and dad, so I was excited to get to meet the babies! Mom told me that as of her last appointment before the babies were born, the babies were both weighing about 6 lbs. Then, when they were born about a month later, the little girl weighed over 7lbs and the boy still weighed about the same. Looks like someone hogged all the food! So the little guy was tiny (especially next to his sister). And the parents had an interesting introduction to twin life because their daughter was able to come home right away and their son had to stay in the NICU for the first week. It was like having one baby and then suddenly, both were home and thus began the whole never-sleeping thing.

Just as I suspected from the maternity session, this mom and dad are nailing it. And they still are able to laugh together! I ended up shooting the entire session up in their bedroom. Their bed had been moved downstairs while mom was healing, so it was a nice, empty room for me to work in! You know me, I follow the light. Keep the twins coming! I love photographing them 🙂

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