t family ~ together again

I am pretty partial to this family— because they are my family! My aunt and uncle were like a second set of parents to me growing up and my cousins were like additional brothers and sisters. We grew up on the same street, two houses down from each other, so we were pretty inseparable. One of my best memories was on Christmas morning each year. As soon as we had opened our presents, we would call my cousins to find out what they got, and then usually we would walk over to check out the new loot.

Now that both of our families are growing so much (and we still all put family first), my aunt really wanted to schedule a session with her family. Her youngest son and his family live in Maine, plus with everyone’s busy schedules it can be quite the challenge to get everyone all together in the same place. She probably booked this session back in April or so— knowing that all of her children would be together for their grandmother’s memorial service weekend this fall.

Somehow all of the planets aligned— there were no sick kids, the weather was beautiful and we were able to get everyone together (on a weeknight! with kids in school! and teachers! and work schedules!) I let my camera shutter fly during this session because I knew I would need to do a lot of head swaps while editing. As I am sure you all know, kids do. not. stop. moving. And they also might look at the camera for a few seconds before turning to look at what someone else is doing, or at an animal running by, or who knows what else. These are some of my favorite people on the planet so I really hope I did their family justice with these photos!

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