g family ~ finally bringing their baby home

When you meet this family, you would never know that they had such a challenging journey to get to where they are today. Once I heard a piece of it, I wanted to make sure I squeezed them into my schedule. They are just the kindest people and had to work pretty hard to bring home their beautiful baby boy.

They were married in 2017 and were able to get pregnant with IVF early this year. Mom was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia in July, when she was only 27 weeks along and she was admitted to the hospital, where they basically tried to keep the baby in utero for as long as possible. Sweet Gavin made it another 4 weeks before making his appearance at 31 weeks gestation in August. He was only 3 lbs 5 oz. and had a collapsed lung so he was admitted to the Level 3 NICU. After 8 weeks in the NICU and many ups and downs, he was able to come home— on 24/7 oxygen support and apnea monitoring. As of our session together, he had been home for about 2 weeks and is doing so well. Mom and dad are hoping that he will be able to come off of his oxygen support in another month.

Even though he was over 2 months old, this little boy was the size of a typical newborn and was so. good. during our session. We were able to take him off of the oxygen for little bursts to take photos— but then still got some pictures at the end “all hooked up” so that mom and dad have those memories documented of this time in their lives. He is sweet. He is strong. He has amazing cheeks. And best of all (in my opinion), he has a little stork bite on the center of his forehead that is shaped LIKE A HEART. Seriously?!?!

Send this family lots of good vibes that their little fighter continues to grow big and strong and can come off of his oxygen soon!

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