r family ~ magical little thursday

This session was originally scheduled for the Sunday before it actually happened and the forecast looked magnificent! But we got hit with some weird unpredicted rain showers and decided to move it. The night we ended up with couldn’t have been more perfect, so it all. worked. OUT! I love this family— the kids are characters so we always have some funny conversations. This time, I tricked the daughter into thinking that our session together was going to be a few hours long and probably about 5 miles of walking, ending with a cave dive to get back to the cars. This was after she asked her mom many times for water or a snack. I do think this helped to set the expectations because she actually stopped asking for water after that. Maybe she hoped to conserve whatever rations might be hidden away.

We went up to one of my favorite magical spots and the light did not disappoint. Then at the end of the session, when I told everyone that we were done, the little girl was a bit shocked. What a happy surprise! She might have even been a little disappointed that she wouldn’t be climbing through a cold, damp cave. So we officially ended with a slo-mo family jump into the air (caught on video for my instagram reel…coming soon) before heading back to the cars.

One more funny story from the session: as I was taking some photos of the parents together and a walker was passing by, she said, “What a beautiful family you have!” and the little girl said, “Yeah, we know.” Confidence for days, that one.

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