t family ~ joy, joy, joy

This mom spoke my language right from the start. She just wanted to preserve this moment in time with her boys. Time is a thief! One minute you are cuddling up with them and helping them do everything and then the next, they can do so much on their own and don’t “need” you as much. My fall booked up early so even though she contacted me in August, I was already busy until the end of November. Then we ended up having to reschedule once because of weather and I was just hoping this session would happen. Well, we took a chance on a day that didn’t have a great forecast and ended up getting warm-ish weather and a gorgeous sunset. It was all meant to be 🙂

These two brothers were so cute. The older one is the same age as my second daughter and they reminded me a lot of each other. He asked a lot of questions about… everything— where we were, where we were going next, what different things were for, etc. And he was very silly. His younger brother was just along for the ride. Both parents clearly love their boys so much, so we had a lot of fun trying to get them to laugh.

As this mom mentioned after I delivered her photos, it’s nice to have holiday-themed photos but a neutral setting can be so amazing for just trying to push pause and preserve a moment in time. Plus, then you can keep them on your walls all year long! (Not that you have to take down holiday photos, but I think most people usually do). I have found myself feeling sad lately about my own kids getting older. I so badly wish that I could just rewind and watch different parts of my life (mainly parts of motherhood) like a movie. Especially now that we have our last baby, life seems to be moving even faster. Photos are the best way I have found to stop time. You look at a picture and memories from that moment come flooding back. Take the pictures! And print them so they don’t just live in your phone 🙂

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