c family ~ cake smash!

I’m not going to lie, it’s a new (really fun) challenge to do indoor sessions that are NOT newborn sessions. I am still looking for that pretty light, but my subjects are not sleepy newborns who don’t move. They are on-the-move bigger kids! This can actually be a lot of fun because we can utilize more of the house. This was another session where we started outside since the weather wasn’t too chilly. Mom told me that the little boy had skipped his second nap that day so he might be a little cranky. Outside— he was so happy! Once we went inside, he started to become a little less interested in the pictures. However, we were able to get the family dog in on the action once we were inside. Corbett (the dog) was very excited and kept running around to check things out. The little boy’s face was so sweet to watch as the dog would run past. He was clearly very entertained!

We moved to the cake smash portion of the session and by this point, the little man was definitely tired. He didn’t want to dig into the cake (which looked and smelled very good!), so mom and dad got in there to show him how it was done. As mom said, “that’s what dry cleaning is for.” Dad was even finger painting the chocolate on himself to get his son more interested! Needless to say, we still got some really cute pictures! Even sad babies photograph well, haha… especially this one. I loved that when I asked if mom and dad would get in there to help a guy out, they didn’t even hesitate. I’m telling you, this is a lucky kid and he is going to grow up having an awesome time with his parents. Happy birthday, J!

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