m family ~ home for the holidays

I remember last year, as I was starting my business “officially,” this mom was one of the first people who found me and booked a session. I was so excited that someone who didn’t know me at all had seen my work and wanted to hire me! I did a front porch session for her. It was a crazy time in the world and I loved the vibes that her family was giving off. Her parents were also there and had such a special relationship with her son, especially. Now fast forward a year and a half, add in one more (supercute) little babe and here we are! It felt like a full circle moment because the mom decided she wanted to do another session at home since it is colder weather and she felt like the baby would be happier.

We started the session back on that front stoop (which also happens to be gorgeous) and then made our way inside. We stayed in the family room with the Christmas tree and I captured the family playing and laughing together. (Sidenote: this family has a giant mural of cookie monster on one of their walls, so if you weren’t sure if they are cool, now you know). The baby girl was actually born one day after my youngest and doesn’t she just have the best cheeks?! She loved to watch her big brother— he was definitely into being the entertainment.

And similar to the front porch session last spring, I left with a full heart— and this time, with some good old fashioned Christmas spirit, too.

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