t family ~ birthday with cake

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You know I love a good family session that ends in a cake smash! This session was originally scheduled during that full rainy weekend at the end of September/beginning of October and we ended up having to reschedule. Well, the weather gods were more than kind to us because the night of this session was gor-geous. The sun was out full force, bathing everything in a golden glow. I tried to choose a spot that wouldn’t be as busy since this family was bringing their dog with them. It’s October though, so I did the best I could LOL. (i.e. everyone and their mother is getting photos taken this month)

The soon-to-be one year old was a little shy at first, but we quickly learned the secret weapon: hold the dog near me so that she was looking at him instead of focusing on the camera. Instant smiles and laughs! How sweet is that?

After we had gone through the family photos, we went back to the car for the cake. This would be little one’s first real taste of sugar! And the verdict was… she was not that into it (we all know that will change). Mom and dad (and the dog!) had to get in on the action. They all enjoyed the cake very much (haha). Best part— when mom took a finger-full and got dad right in the face! I love when the families just relax and have fun together 🙂

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