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This family lives about 40 minutes away from me and they were bummed that their son’s soccer game was going to interfere with the session. They hadn’t realized that the session and the game were happening at similar times. When I asked where the game was and realized it was in my town, I knew it was all meant to be. I saw a family changing next to their car in the parking lot of my location and knew these were my people!

They pulled everything together perfectly and you would never know that they were at a soccer game right before that. Soccer Saturdays are no joke, amiright?!

The kids were so much fun at this session. The older son kept suggesting different poses and backdrops for the pictures— he was like my personal assistant. And together, they loved to laugh and be silly together. One of the best moments was towards the end when the kids did a pile on dad. They thought it was hilarious. I feel like deep down he liked it?!

I also loved this family’s story. Mom was born in the States and dad is British. They met when she was working over in London— which is where they lived until a few years ago. The kids all started their childhoods in England. They had mixed opinions on whether England or NJ is better. Some kids live in the same house for their whole childhood; I just think it is so cool that they have that experience already of living in two different countries!

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