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A few months back, I met this family for their maternity session. They were so sweet and both parents were amazing with their daughter— who is at that age where she is super independent and wants to do things her way (or the highway!) I could tell what an amazing family they are from that first meeting. I was so excited to get to hang out with them again at the newborn session. The little guy arrived right on time. I schedule my newborn sessions for about 2 weeks after mom’s due date and you would be surprised how few sessions I actually have to reschedule (although I am always ready to do that if need be!)

One funny thing that happened during the session was that while I was taking the photos of little baby boy by himself, dad was in the kitchen letting his culinary self loose. First, I smelled a full breakfast. Then, by the time I went in there to tell them I was ready to move into the family photos, he was was roasting all these butternut squash halves to make some soup later that day. It all seemed very ambitious for parents of a newborn, but I had to laugh because I remember getting into those moods when I had a newborn too. I just missed normalcy and would sometimes get a little crazy with what I was trying to accomplish lol. Anyway, the house smelled delicious! And they were eating like kings that day.

This family was the perfect way to start off my crazy photography weekend (I had two newborn sessions and 3 full family sessions!) Another part of their session that I loved? The style they went with was cozy loungewear. It was still a cultivated look with different textures and complementing colors— it just worked! Plus, they were so comfy all snuggled up together as a new family of 4. May they have many more Saturdays filled with cozy pjs and yummy food!

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