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Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children. Yes, I am starting out with that statistic. Swim lessons are SUPER important. North Jersey Aquatics provides a customized curriculum for your child and water safety is their number one priority.

Why North Jersey Aquatic Club?

Owner and co-founder Leighann Day swam competitively growing up, through college, and has coached swimming for more than 25 years. She also sits on the board of the New Jersey Swim Safety Alliance, a passion of hers that involves making swim lessons essential and getting information about water safety into hospitals, pediatricians’ offices, and schools. Basically– she knows her stuff!

Leighann emphasizes that at NJAC, there are small class sizes (never more than 3 children per instructor) and customized instruction. Every child is assessed and met where they are to create a curriculum that is developmentally and emotionally appropriate. NJAC has developed a progressive curriculum that can be customized for each swimmer to provide growth and progression at a speed that is comfortable for the swimmer and parent.  Every lesson can be adjusted and every child is pushed individually.  NJAC loves that the parents are on the pool deck right beside classes.  This enables them to convey their goals and comfort level with the instructors so that kids become accustomed to the water in a safe space. As the owner, Leighann is personally selecting classes with every parent that calls. Your child is matched with the right teacher and the right class, so that he/she will thrive.  Together, the student-teacher-parent triangle sets up students for success.

When Should You Start Swim Lessons for Your Child?

This may sound crazy, but Leighann recommends starting lessons as early as 3-6 months. “Kids are born with aquatic tendencies,” she remarks. “The closer a baby gets to walking, the more uncomfortable they are in the water… a 6-month-old can float in the pool by themselves.” She notes that early lessons prevent parents/instructors from having to push through the fear phase that happens in kids when they are around 12-18 months old. Also, with her water safety background, Leighann points out that formal swim lessons decrease accidents by 88%. However, if you missed the boat and your child is over 18 months, you are still very much in luck! NJAC has classes for every level– including adult and family swim lessons if you need to brush up on your own swim skills. It is never too late to learn.

Speaking Of… What Are the Levels at This School?

North Jersey Aquatics has classes for infants all the way up to national competitive analysis. Your child may be learning to swim or they may be looking for a clinic program– NJAC has it. The clinic program is perfect for children who want to be swimming competitively but also enjoy playing other sports. Leighann notes that oftentimes if you are swimming on a competitive club team, you have to dedicate your life to swimming and you are not allowed to play anything else. The national level analysis program is a private analysis for nationally ranked athletes looking to improve techniques and strokes.

Where is this School?

There are locations all around northern New Jersey and parents can choose the closest location to their home. Different niche programs, such as the competitive programs and the adult classes, do run at particular pools. Instructors are also sent to private pools (in clients’ backyards) if that is requested as well.

Fun, New Initiatives for NJAC

North Jersey Aquatics is always expanding. This summer, there are a number of preschool camps that are bringing kids to their locations. NJAC is passionate about providing high quality lessons to people rather than just water exposure– they have a meticulous, specialized training program for their instructors. Leighann is also working on creating more options and programs for older kids to keep swimming in kids’ lives instead of having lessons end when a child is “good enough.”

Choose North Jersey Aquatics for the Best Swim Lessons!

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