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engagement photography couple near wall

I scheduled this session with my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law about a month ago, but it has been in the works for a lot longer. Her dream was an engagement session along First St. in Hoboken because of the beautiful white flowering trees that line the street. I live in Morris County and a few days before the session, I was looking around at the lack of flowering trees around here and wondering, was this going to work? It’s wild how much sooner a place one hour away starts experiencing spring though because when we got there, the street was in all of its blooming glory.

The forecast also showed rain all day, continuing into our session. We took the chance and it ended up being gorgeous. The sun was peeking out from the clouds and wrapping itself around the tall buildings; there was a beautiful sunset. So we walked all around Hoboken and enjoyed the early signs of spring. It was so fun for me to see my brother-in-law so happy. Since they live an hour away and we have so many kids (haha), we don’t often get to hang out with them in such a carefree way. (I brought Matt along for the ride) They were so relaxed with us— especially because I was making them kiss each other all over Hoboken, walk into the middle of the street and spin around, etc. Some of my favorite pictures from the session were from when we turned down a cobblestone pathway to get where we were going. Those photos have a West Side Story feel to them, plus there was an incredible puddle that I captured their reflection in (these are the things I get excited about in life lol).

It was a perfect night for a perfect couple and now we will be gearing up for the wedding in September <3

engagement photography street in Hoboken

engagement photography couple dancing in Hoboken

engagement photography couple walking down stairs

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