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Family photography mom brushes little girl's hair

I love first birthday sessions. The little one-year old is usually either just learning how to walk or really WANTS to master the skill (unless it is one of my kids in which case they were still months away from being into it lol). Either I am capturing them taking those cautious steps on their own or while holding their parents’ hands. In this case, sweet little girl was on the move! She did not want to sit still and always wanted to be exploring on her own.

We kept the session moving so that she could keep moving! As soon as she was over what we were doing, we moved on and started to do something else. The weather forecast for this night was not great. It was supposed to rain during the session, but somehow we got super lucky with a gorgeous sunset AND the place to ourselves (I think everyone else was scared off!) At one point, I positioned the family and then was walking back to where I was planning to start shooting and the little girl started to follow me. So I quickly repositioned and started to take photos of her steps. Then she fell! Mom and dad ran and scooped her up so she was fine after that. But there was a little bit of a fat lip that had to be edited out of photos afterwards. Yes, that happens and it is totally normal 🙂

The family also brought their pup to the shoot which was so sweet. It was clear that the little girl loved her puppy. Her face would just completely light up whenever she was near. It was so wonderful meeting this family and lucking out with perfect weather and a perfect photoshoot!

cross estate gardens family photography

nj photography little girl on the move

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