b family ~ three generations dancing to Encanto

family photography three siblings

Maybe you are picking up on the theme from this day. I had a session in the morning and this sunset session and YES, there were dance parties at both sessions. It was a pret-ty good day for me!

My high school had this program for incoming freshmen called the Big Brother/Big Sister program and each new student was matched with an upper classman who helped to orient them and make them more comfortable before the start of school. This client was my Big Sister! I haven’t seen her since high school and it made me so happy to see how happy she is and what a perfect family she has. As she put it, her family is “perfectly chaotic.” With an 8 year-old boy and twin 6 year-old girls, I think that is a perfect way to put it! I actually noticed and really loved how sweet the siblings were together. It was clear that even though they may fight as siblings do, they have a ton of fun together too.

This session also included the kids’ maternal grandparents, which was so special. I even convinced everyone to have a little in-the-field dance party to a song that every parent of young kids knows: We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Yes, it was a pretty perfect night and I left with a huge smile on my face.

family photography grandparents with grandkids

family photography mom with kids

family photography dance party

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