h family ~ a snow filled maternity adventure


This mom-to-be was very organized and booked her maternity and newborn sessions well in advance. We began planning the maternity session, most importantly— her DRESS, right away. Our thinking was to go bold (green or red) so that she would stand out against some (fingers crossed) potential snow. Never did I think I would be dealing with 3 feet of snow! Yes, her dress looked absolutely fabulous against the white backdrop, but we also had to be very flexible and ready for an adventure. The location we had chosen had to be changed last minute (because the original was no longer accessible) and the day of, I was just praying things would get a bit less icy.

The stars aligned and the session was amazing. The sun has been a rather distant friend lately, but we were graced with a beautiful golden sunset. The day’s temperature was above freezing, so the roads/walkways were relatively safe, PLUS the couple was ready to walk through some snow to make magic happen. Luckily, mom-to-be said she loves the snow.

I cannot wait to see this couple again next month when they welcome their little boy into the family. They are so fun together and are always laughing. For some of the photos, I asked the dad-to-be to try and make his wife laugh. His jokes were definitely dad-joke level, so I feel like they will be JUST FINE as they move into this next chapter in their lives.




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