o family ~ newborn session using one window


Yes, you heard that right. This entire session was shot in front of one window! AND this baby was already a month a half for her session and she still rocked it.

The mom to this beautiful new little girl is one of my good friends from high school (UC volleyball, woop woop!) and she lives on Long Island, so she figured it would be easier if we set up the session at her parents’ house. Their front window ended up being the perfect “studio set” for the photos so we stayed there, for posed and lifestyle pictures. Was I picking up furniture and moving it across the room? Yes. Was I climbing into the window sill so that I could capture different angles and give us some more variety in the session? Yes. Was I straightening pictures on the wall, unplugging lamps and rearranging side table decor? Also yes. I have to say, I am obsessed with what we created during this session.

Everyone seemed very into the photo shoot…. except the new big brother. He had no interest in being in any pictures, holding his baby sister or looking at the camera. (He just turned two years old, can you blame him?!) We had to get creative to get some sweet sibling pictures but I had a few tricks up my sleeve and we made it happen. I can’t help but think that the mask wearing has to be strange for kids during these sessions. I am smiling under my mask, but they can’t see that, so to them, I am just a stranger whose face they can’t even see.

Despite the masks and safety measures in place, there was still a feeling of normalcy— seeing an old friend, seeing her dad, who I haven’t seen in years, being back in my hometown. I am so happy I was trusted with this session and I really cannot wait until life is just back to normal!




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