s family ~ part 2 of a maternity/newborn duo


This now “mom and dad” had the most beautiful maternity session two months ago. They purchased a maternity/newborn bundle of sessions but were unsure if they would feel comfortable doing the newborn session in November because of the negative combination of the pandemic and the cold weather. I love that they wanted the option though and that they made it happen! I wasn’t sure I would hear from them but then the mom reached out to me and told me she had the baby and could we do a session in front of their house?

She sent me photos of different prop options, wraps, and blankets that she had as well as the spot in front of her house that she was thinking would work well. I used that to figure out a basic plan for the session and we threw everything together in a few days so that we could take advantage of the not-yet-freezing weekend weather. (Luckily my family sessions have started slowing down!) I am sure that when these parents imagined having their first baby, this is not the world they pictured bringing him into. I am so happy for them that despite the state of things, they are focusing on the positive and still making sure they get beautiful photos of the two of them with their precious little boy.




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