s family ~ finding the sun at the park


I met this family for the first time the other night and I knew we would get along great as soon as I heard the kids yelling, “toilet!” to each other and laughing. I felt very much at home. In all seriousness though, the kids were a lot of fun and had such a special bond. It was a cool evening, so I let them run around in between pictures to stay warm. They also loved hugging each other as tightly as possible (what kid doesn’t love squeezing his/her sibling?!)

It is crazy how much earlier the sun is starting to dip now that summer is over. We started in one area and as the sun started hiding from us, I let the older brother lead the way to find us the light! We ended up over by the lake to end the session with some beautiful shots by the water.

I loved this family’s dynamic. The kids were just so loving and happy to give all the hugs to each other and to their parents. Meeting families like this is why I love family photography.




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