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Morris County Family Sessions

The fall is a crazy time for photographers. We are usually booked up solid, months out, and it is really hard to tell people that you don’t have any more availability for them. This family snuck in— I think they grabbed my last spot for the year. I loved meeting them (and they are actually cousins with a repeat client of mine). The kids were adorable and both loved to laugh with their mom and dad.

We met at a local garden but actually ended up spending most of the session in a grassy area outside of it. There wasn’t anyone else around so the little boy could run around a bit. I had to have him run and jump on dad or mom to get him back with the group and he loved doing that! He was also so sweet with his baby sister. She is still working on sitting by herself, so we had to get a little creative. I always love the way that little babies take the world in. There is so much to see and their looks of amazement are just so pure and beautiful. But the absolute best is how their parents can get them to light up just by smiling and laughing with them, or blowing raspberries or making silly faces. This mom was no exception. She was able to make her kids both smile and laugh so easily!

Fall sessions will always have my heart, even though it is such a busy time. The colors, the temperatures (although dropping now!), and the love— they just get me. I’m finishing up my last few weeks of outdoor sessions before I switch over to mainly indoor sessions. Time to gear up for winter!

Morris County Family Photos

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