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This mama has been one of my closest friends since high school and watching her become a mother (and totally rock it) has been one of my favorite parts of our friendship. We have had some TIMES through the years haha and I just love seeing her so happy. She was made to be a mom! And I love her husband— he is really fun to mess with 😛 There is a lot of sarcasm that flies around when we are together!

Daycare life has been hitting this family hard though; someone in their family is always sick. My friend jokes that her daughter is trying to take them out. So this session almost didn’t even happen. They were all just getting over a stomach bug but we made it happen and nothing gross happened during the session, fear not. I bet you couldn’t even tell by looking at their photos that anyone was under the weather. The reason for that is because this family can rally and because they just love each other so much.

The little girl had a mind of her own and wandered around, exploring (just like the dog!) so we did have to do a lot of reeling back in, but isn’t that all part of the fun of it? When it came time to get the little one to laugh, everyone understood the assignment. And now I am just so excited to work on their family film! TBD on that one…

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