e family ~ baby sister joins the crew


Saturday morning was rainy and as I told the parents, “a perfect day for an indoor newborn session!” When I arrived, mom was making coffee… a PRIORITY. She also answered the door not looking or seeming at all like she had a baby two weeks ago. Second kid, amiright? We laughed about how much different the experience is when you have your second; you have some idea of what to expect and the recovery is usually easier!

I started the session with the wrapped and posed shots. The mom stayed in the nursery with me, as both my spotter and curious bystander. Parents are always so interested in how those sleepy pictures come to be. Big brother (2 years old) was also very interested in the process. I would get his sister this close to falling asleep and then as timing would have it, he would come in to check things out and she was awake again. It was all good though because we were persistent and she DID fall asleep!

We also had to get creative to get photos of the two siblings. The parents told me that their son honestly believes that he is a fireman, so in order to get him to agree to taking pictures with his sister, they had to tell him that there was a very important mission that only the chief could do: he had to hold his sister for a picture. He wasn’t even totally on board with that but we layered on watching a fireman song on his dad’s phone and were able to get some photos.

If you think about it, it is such a huge life adjustment for the older sibling (especially when the new baby is the second child). I think it is totally normal for them to not always want to cooperate. They used to be the head honcho and now they have to share the place! But I also know how amazing it is to have siblings— and how much the older siblings will love it soon enough.




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